New Political Party

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People of all over the world still surprised or socked  since Mr. D. Trump won the US election.

Although its not first controversial election in US history or a (film/t.v) celebrity became president or States.Sometimes it is very interesting to witness the two parties duopoly in US politics. Its like one day you like Coke and other day Pepsi.

Where in Pakistan more than 40  register political parties in the competition but, since 1990 Pakistan
Peoples' Party (Party of late Bhutto) and  Pakistan Muslim League (Mr. Shareef's Party  currently ruling in Pakistan) shifting power to one other. Pakistanis always looking for third option to as a result of that A record 60 per cent turnout with 98 per cent votes in favor of Pervez Musharraf (An army dictator) stunned observers and the media.
There is a perception prevalent among citizen of Pakistan as well as seasoned observers that all elections in Pakistan  are either rigged or manipulated. people  feel that a serious change cannot be brought through election.

After 2016 US election It is very sorry to watch our American fellows showing their political outrage by braking their LEDs and protesting on streets by saying the same words (rigged or manipulated) about the election.
Is America ready for new political party?

Pyramid and Prism

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There is a connection between pyramids and sun worshiping. Egypt captured all the limelight for this kind of construction. These pyramids disappeared under the sand for a long time until history revel itself.

All the information of the ancient Egyptian world passes through us by these pyramids. Sun was the God for Egyptian and that king of the time claimed to be a God as well. That is why Moses (P.B.U.H.) challenged the king that if he was a God then raises the sun from west.

Maya was the ancient American civilization. End of the world 2012 conspiracy associated with their calendar. In America there still lived the remaining of that original race.

They celebrate 21st June due to their association with the sun. They have many gods and goddess to worship but sun got the supreme authority above all.

(Mayan Pyramid in Mexico) 

Zartosht (زرتشت)is the oldest religion of the world. This ancient Persian religion brings the concept of two Gods i.e. Good God and Bad God. For them sun made from particle of god and because there is no other particle nether in god nor in the sun but light so sun is a God also.

Due to duality in what they believe they created Kabah standing on the base of pyramid.   

Prism is a tool the helped to calculate difference between wavelength of light and travel speed, as the light will disperse into the colors of the visible spectrum, with longer wavelengths (red, yellow) being refracted less than shorter wavelengths (violet, blue).

May be our ancient forefathers was made pyramids in the respect of sun ray that according to their imagination passed through the pyramid and making spiritual waves.  


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Any undefined science of indefinite time is called magic.

Sometime illusionist performs illusion in front of people, which trick their perception due to limitation of two-dimensional eye view. To district you illusionist used additional tools like music, acting , dancing and immodestly dressed assistant (etc).

Most of such illusionists never claimed that they are magicians but some of them said so.

Here we are not discussing about such illusionist. There are some other categories of magic like black or white magic.

            Black Magic:
Meditation for your selfishness 

Rituals performed for your own selfish desire make you feel more focus about your greed. Magic fantasizes you when you are so frustrated. In actuality it got nothing for you because Magic does not exist at all. Its like another religion to practice and the believer of this religion has faith in it that every single thing s/he got in life is due to the practice of magic rituals.

White Magic
Muslim, Christian and Jew used the verses of their holy books to prevent and cure of black magic. For fight back the black magic they spells verses of holy books or write in patron but it is all in vague to do because they think that some evil spirit take over the soul of some human. Basically that person was suffering from some psychological disorder and needed psychotherapy and medical care.           

Sun God

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In the ice age the and before the discovery of fire, Sun was there as a symbol of life giving.

Sun was not only melting the ice but also making paradise of natural resources.

Its started with celebration then converted into the worshiping of the sun. In this evolutionary procedure when fire discover humans of that time believe that it’s the gift by sun god to them so they start worshiping it also.

Sun was the first ever god that came in to being.

In the age of prophets sun god was still there but in the shape of an idol or some powerful king of that time claimed that he was son of sun.

People started celebrating the seasons of nature now living in the setup made by blue blood people and worshiping them as god.

Astrology was “a top secrete science” of that time a person who knows more about stars has a seat in the court of king.

King also involved him in the making of his decision because king deep in side also believed that sun was a god and interfere in his life by stars.


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Haram (حرام) 
is the famous Arabic term wildly use in the meaning of prohibited and also considered the opposite of Halal (حلال).
Prohibited is not the right translation for the word Haram. In actuality Haram got way wider and different meaning, Haram used for the person, thing, place or an idea, which possesses dignity in it.

For Example; Masjid-ul-Haram (مسجد الحرام). It’s a most holy place for Muslims of the world. Is a Haram place because it possesses dignity in it and to enter in this place person apply strong discipline on himself/herself.  

While the Quran used the word (خمر) "khumar" not only for the alcohol but everything that make you feel “high and intoxicate" it included cigarette and any kind of drug. If you still use it according to the Quran it means that you breached the dignity of society and until you are not in your conscious do not get near “the social setup” (الصلاة).

In those counties where drinking of alcohol is legal it is still a crime to drink and drive by the same law that allowed them to drink. In the end it is injurious for the health or you can say its like selling cigarette with the health warning on the pack.

In Arabic we have the word
(ممنوعہ) Mam’nua for prohibition

of the person, thing, place or an idea.

After reading smoking kills if someone still smoke its mean that person breaching the dignity of health and others. While smoking on public place breached the dignity of other nonsmoker humans. 


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With the evolution of human race the concept of God also upgraded.

In ancient God(s) era, human imagination depended on natural metaphors.

For every single life event of that time human create a single purpose God that work in the line of predefined duty.Worshiping of God was the essential part in practice for better afterlife.
Rituals attached with the God also to be preformed for the sake of amusement of the almighty.

For worship and perform rituals properly, department of priesthood came into being. That department run by selective group of humans, they had total control on worship ceremonies and the fund collection by rituals.

Kings of that time controlled them to save their kingdom. In history you can see sometime king became God with the help of such priests.

Although in modern era priesthood is working like old ages to secure the leaders of political state nation. Nowadays concept of God became more simply complicated due to priesthood.

Concept of God!

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Interestingly it is a fact that God and concept of God are two different and connected things at the same time.

As I already mention, “God is what to whom you believe in” sometime believers of same God had dispute on concept of God.

 For example in Islam three schools of thought have different concept about God.

Where Shia school of thought believe that Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) himself , his daughter Fatima (R.A), his son in Law Ali (R.A.)  and two grandsons [(Sons of Fatima(R.A.) and Ali (R.A.)] Hasan (R.A) and Husain (R.A.)were the part of God and made from "Noor" (Particle of God).

(According to Catholic Christens
             Jesus Christ
complete human and complete God)

Sunni School of thought got very similar believe with Catholic Christens what they have for Jesus Christ. They believe that Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) ‘‘نورُالبشر ’’
(Noor-ul-Bashir)Half "Noor" (Particle of God) and Half "Bashir" (Human)

According to the Quran that Muhammad (P.B.U.H) never claimed to be a God or made from particle of God (Noor) but He was a human being (Bashir) and the messenger of God. 


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Imagination about all those achievements that a human-being wanted in his life.

Fantasy world is the world of tomorrow. That was a time when human's greatest fantasy was to fly in the air now its the factual part of reality. Now human can fly in the air through many mediums.
Fantasy has it own classification it is the essential part of a complete human reality.

Fantasy let human to think out of box !

Fantasy helps human to create new ideas and opportunities for betterment of future. There are limitations in actuality that might sometime not favorable for the grooming of the fantasy. These limitations could be political, social and economical etc.

Lack of actual resources make you feel that you are trap in the fantasy box.

What's happened when human not balanced his actuality with his fantasy. First of all he/she lived in his/her fantasy more then his/her actuality. On second step human becomes obsess form his/her fantasy. 

For example : A human wants relation with a famous movie star but in actuality that human get not even a single encounter with the movie star.       

Fantasy is not what you have in actuality but if you are a dedicated person you can make it possible. 


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Opinion is a statement that you create on a Fact.

Opinion makes you different from other.

For Example; If you are in north-pole and feel that weather is cold there, its a not a Fact. Fact is something calculate with figure(s) or accord with the continuous practice of an assumption.

"Opinion is the Key to Concessions"

As we discuss this under human reality in this blog. There we also discuss the importance about an opinion but now we are going to study it even more deeply.
Opinion is something you always create on a fact.

Following table describes the difference
between fact and opinion.

 Fact                            Type                                                        Opinion               
God                  Continuous Practice of an Assumption          I am a Believer 
Color Blue       Continuous Practice of an Assumption            I don't like blue color
Moon               Solar System Fact                                       I Worship moon
-3 °C                 Fact with Figure                                        I am not feeling cold
Pakistan            Political / Geographical Fact                        Every Pakistani is a Terrorist

An Opinionated eye not only clear the vision but also makes it broader to understand the facts in the surrounding. 


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Human action is the reaction of predefined relation.

Brain works in reaction of the action made by someone else.

For Example : If "A" and "B" are two persons encounter with one an other.
"A" acts something in the reaction of his/her relation with "B", while "B" showing reaction to respond A's reactionary, action. 

So, whenever two or more then two humans had encounter everybody shown reaction nun of them doing action.

If there is No Relation there will be no reaction causes by an action.